“TUBITAK Success Stories Sharing Days” Event took place in Swiss Otel on the 22nd of April, 2011. In these meetings, the owners of 150 TUBITAK supported projects shared their experience and achievements. Those projects were selected from nearly 6000 projects which started and completed between 2005-2010. ARDIC took part in this event with its “Open Sourced Embedded Operating System Platform and Model Application on Wimax Modem”.

The main objective of the project is to develope an embedded operating system running on mobile devices. The platform created in this project is built on a box with an atom processor computing architecture in order to connect the LAN computers to internet via Wimax/3G. It is expected that this project provides a great motivation by minimizing the dependence on foreign information and hardware technologies by putting the national security ahead.

Source: Tübitak

“ICT Summit Eurasia 2012″ Event took place in Halic Congress Center between 11-13 September this year.

In this event, ICT Summit Eurasia Awards 2012 were also announced and ARDIC, with Addopad Project, was qualified as a finalist. Addopad is a family-oriented multi-touch tablet ecosystem designed for young families with children in the 1-6 age group.


This year Eureka Venture Forum, which aims at promoting companies from the EUREKA Platform towards an audience of international venture investors, took place in Istanbul on October 18-19, 2012. It was hosted under the auspices of the Turkish EUREKA Chairmanship following its priority of covering the entire innovation process and addressing the innovation finance gap.

During the event Company Presentations were assessed and scored. Then, the top rated companies of the EUREKA Venture Forum were announced. ARDIC awarded with Best Presentation Award and invited to European Venture Summit in Berlin on 6 & 7 December.


AllWorld Network, TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) and TEPAV (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey) run a joint project to select the 100 fast growing companies of Turkey. ARDIC is in 39th place in allover and 5th place in IT sector.

Tunç Kahveci received the award from the Minister of Development, during the 5th İzmir Economic Congress in October 31st, 2013.