Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with CASPER – Education Tablet

Customer :
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Partners :


Under the approval of Ministry of Education (MoE), Kocaeli Municipality have been carried out a grant programme of 27.109 education tablets. Casper won the tender and provided the tablets devices with ARDIC Modiverse solution bundle to Kocaeli Municipality. Main requirements can be summerized as providing secured and flexible education tablet solution set to schools and to be able to control remotely devices if necessary via mobile services platform

Solution Components:

  • Casper VIA T41 Android Tablets with Intel Baytrail processor (27.109 tablets)
  • ARDIC ArCloud IoT Platform
  • ARDIC Modiverse Mobile Services Package Solution
  • ARDIC KuuKla Parental Control Application
  • ARDIC Modiverse-Mode application (Client app for the tablets to communicate with cloud platform)

Critical Project Requirements

  • Anti-theft solution: Remote lock and location detection functions, remote deactivation of the device in case of lost/stolen
  • Device activation solution
  • Parental control software
  • Management of mobile devices remotely if requested via mobile device management application
  • Turkish GUI of application to access through PC and notebook via web browser
  • Device inventory tracking

Solution Details and Added Value of Implemented Solutions:

In this project, Casper and ARDIC provided an education sector tablet solution to meet the tender requirements. ARDIC Modiverse Package GUI has been customized to enable Casper Support Center users to manage only the requirements above. All these tablets have been distributed to end users of 289 schools in 12 districts and been used in the classes and at home successfully.

Added Value of the Implemented Solutions

Ready-to-use teacher/student tablets (all settings and updates are managed remotely)
Customized Admin Panel GUI, which provides only the requested functionalities

For details please see the document: