Dijimedya – Dijital Radio Tablet

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Digimedya provides, beneath its other activities, Digiradyo in-store music service to retails and restaurants instead of “1hour length CDs that are repeating once it finishes, 24 hours music broadcasting with announcements is an authentic radio broadcasting service. They admit that the main advantage of their service is the broadcasting content’s changing all the time in comparison to the repeating content’s itself regularly.”.
Dijimedya needed a specific player service runs on Android tablets while the stream content needed to be updated remotely.

Solution Components

      Android Tablet
      ARDIC Modiverse TRUST Product
      ARDIC ArPlayer

Critical Project Requirements

      The monitoring of online-offline tablets
      The monitoring of music content live
      Security of the tablet content because of copy-rights
      Switching between native and stream mode automatically when wi-fi status changes.
      Instant Play of content other than streming content
      Stream over Arcloud
      Remote Management of the playlist

Solution Details

ArPlayer, which supports the Instant, Stream and Native modes of playing the music, has been developed.

Individual music streaming channels over the ArCloud has been assigned to every customer and supports

end points to have the same music at any instant. Continuous monitoring of every end point to assure if

the tablets are online and if the assigned content is playing. Modiverse TRUST enables every tablet to

run only Digiradyo application (ArPlayer).

Added Value of the Implemented Solutions

Stores prevent any music playing other than enterprise playlist.
Automatization of the continuous music play Online and offline
Instant content (campaigns, promotions, celebrations, announcements)
Monitoring of the status of the tablets
Monitoring of the contents playing
Remote management of the playlist
Remote management of content, upload or update
Secure tablet environment to protect copyrighted content
Digiradyo tablet (an Android tablets runs only full-screen Digiradyo application every time)