AFEX APIs enable the Android devices to be controlled, configured, provisioned and managed via straightforward and easy MDM (Mobile Device Management) integration process.

AFEX (Android Framework Extensions) consists of more than 1000 APIs developed in addition to exisiting Android API pile. Additional APIs are adapted based on each Android version and necessary additionl functions are added. Deep control and configuration of mobile devices can be provided easily via these APIs. So, the result is a very much safer environment.

AFEX SDK is also available to develop applications providing the full management of AFEX-inside-Android devices. AFEX API usage is strictly controlled and requires authentication of application, even per API usage.

As AFEX was developed by ARDIC Inc, its intellectual property owned by ARDIC. However, no licence fee is required for the AFEX supporting device manufacturers. License is generated for the service providers in case these additional APIs are used. Any MDM provider can easily integrate into the system and manage the device, network, admin, certificates, applications, browsers, Email, etc.

For the Android device manufacturer; AFEX ODM package with guide and automatic test and verification structure will enable the easy integration of AFEX to their Android OS.

AFEX is globally spreading among on mobile devices day by day.