ACT made its first investment to ARDIC, an end-to-end IoT service platform.

ACT made its first investment to ARDIC, a software technology company that offers wide range of solutions and services based on its proprietary end-to-end IoT Service Platform: “IoT Ignite®”. It is a unique, distributed, scalable and highly reliable IoT platform that comes with a rich feature set including on the fly customization of edge devices for deployment in diverse market segments.

ARDIC enables the secure connection, configuration, data collection, computing and control of Android devices from peripheral to application level, through its Android Framework Extension (AFEX®) technology, a built-in cloud agent running on the devices and its Service Cloud. ARDIC enables Android to be used in industrial IoT Gateways, by its customized Android OS on edge devices working in harmony with the cloud. The built-in cloud agent would establish a secure communication channel for cloud based IoT services and could easily extend the benefits of IoT Ignite® to the edge devices within the network. ARDIC’s platform also support the embedded Linux based devices. Unique features of ARDIC’s IoT Service Platform are; multi- tenancy, secure network connectivity, usage statistics, mediation, and complex event processing.

ARDIC leverages the effectiveness of IoT service development & deployment by leaving business to concentrate on its own core services. Millions of interconnected and embedded devices generating data at an astonishing rate, predicted to be used in applications from improving our golf swings, monitoring our vital signs or managing the traffic in our cities, can now use the power of IoT-Ignite.

ARDIC provides a number of other enterprise and consumer services for mobile devices, thanks to its focus on the Android extends back a long R&D period. ARDIC also offers; a highly capable mobile device management service, a mobile device mode transforming technology, a Dynamic-ROM technology enabling a single ROM to be used in a wide range of customizable SKUs and a number of other value-added services for telecommunication operators and mobile device OEMs.

The platform has been validated with leading domestic and some global players in particular industries. ARDIC will focus on expanding in global markets through the ACT’s investment.

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