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ARDIC provides a complete IoT platform that rapidly enables businesses to create connected solutions. Connect your solutions without any restrictions..

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Modiverse is a service that allows you to transform your mobile devices to the most appropriate “Mod” for your needs. The applications used in the devices..

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Smart Retail

ARDIC provides a ready to use connected retail platform. Your cash registers, printers, screens are connected and your enterprise application…

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KuuKla is an easy-to-use Modiverse experience for simpler, personal use cases: You can transform your everyday device into a gameboy for..

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API Support

ARDIC IoT Platform provides APIs for the ecosystem to ease the integration of your services, devices, gateways, business intelligence, analytic tools and…

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AFEX (Android Framework Extensions) is composed of more than 1000 APis developed in addition to existing Android APIs. Additional APIs are..

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