Smart Retail

ARDIC provides a ready to use connected retail solution.

Today’s retail world is evolving their traditional sales methods into “Connected Store” concept to maximize their returns by using the leverages of cloud based reduced operation costs and minimizing the deployment risks. The customers are equipped with smart devices and do their purchase decisions based on their pre-search on alternatives. Omni-channel connected stores provide them mobile, social and digital way of shopping where they have the control and choice, are known everywhere, share and access knowledge.

ARDIC provides an end-to-end “Connected Store” ready to deploy, start to control and monetize. The main concerns in the management of the Connected Store are the complete control of the sales assistance mobile devices where they run the retail application and event-based mobile device behaviors. ARDIC solves these main concerns with its platform where both mobile device management and Connected Store run.

One of the main aspects of ARDIC is to enable the “Connected Stores” not in high-investments costs but also at small shops. The “Retail Application Store” is an innovative way for small enterprises even without big IT departments to deploy the Connected Store in their shops. The ready-to-deploy means, any entity does not concern about the connectivity or management of the store, but just use the service.

With its partners, ARDIC Platform comes with connected retail printers, barcode scanners, tablets, beacons, big screens and POS/ECR and the enterprise only needs to deploy the service at the store.

Connected Store Service enables:

Event-based mobile device behavior: A sales assistant’s device runs in a defined Wi-Fi or location as the enterprise’s tablet and when the defined event ends the device runs a standard device where no enterprise app or data is accessible.

Remote Control of Mobile Devices: A complete manageability on mobile devices such as permitted apps, permitted connectivity accesses, remote updates, remote connectivity settings and more..

Beacon/NFC abilities: Customer recognition at defined zones and informing the sales assistant. Easy and personalized campaign/loyalty management.

Big screen integration: The sales assistant’s mobile device is shared with a gesture instantly and customers can view the product comparisons/specification in a big screen which increases the convenience.

Customization/Training: ARDIC provides project based customized solutions with the whole experience and talented team and a full training support.

Sensor integration: The refrigerators, vehicles, vending machines and further can be controlled and managed on the same platform.