R&D Projects

Prose 2020. Development of IoT based interactive location services infrastructure.

EWATCH 2020. Perpetually data tracking wearable and secure health monitoring system.

Project 2019. Integrated energy management platform that collects and analyzes energy data in buildings, manages building systems remotely and includes sensor, trigger, IoT gateway and decision support mechanism.

Project 2017. Development of cloud platform architecture with industry-level security.

CEP 2015. Development of general-purpose, autonomous, dynamically programmable and remotely-manageable near real time complex event processing on device or cloud system.

DEMWATCH 2015. Perpetually data tracking wearable and secure health monitoring system.

SIGMONA 2015. Software Defined Network Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architectures.

Secure Android 2015. Addition of necessary platform for Android to make Android devices more secure, manageable and controllable and enabling applications to use them securely.

IoT 2014. Management of sensor network on IoT cloud platform through user-focused services.

Project 2012. Wireless transfer of tablet display on touch panel and touch panel interaction on tablet display near real time.

Project 2011. Cloud-based mobile gateway and client applications for large scale management systems.

OTA DM 2011. Open source over the air device management and control.

Project 2010. Open source embedded operating system platform and model practice on WiMax modem.