We make Internet of thIngs smart

Our cloud service platform, ARCLOUD, is a unique cloud platform that connects the intelligence with the things of internet. Intelligence comes from not only ours but also your cloud platform. We support Android, Linux and Windriver OS as well.


What We Do


urunler-ardic02AFEX (Android* Framework Extension) is composed of more than 500 APIs developed in addition to existing Android APIs. Additional APIs are adapted based on each Android version and necessary addtional functions are added. Deep control and management of mobile devices can be provided easily via these APIs. *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


urunler-ardic04CCS (Cloud-Based Control Services) is a mobile services management and control platform powered by ARCLOUD©.   CCS can manage Android mobile devices as well as a variety of others such as POS devices and servers.
Any use case configuration for different profiles and scenarios can remotely and easily be executed via CCS.


urunler-ardic05KuuKla is an easy-to-use Modiverse experience for simpler, personal use cases: You can transform your everyday device into a gameboy for your kid.
You can also turn your devices into mobile kiosks for your business wherever you need a mobile kiosk.
Just select the application, slide the timer, and here is your one-application-appliance-device.


urunler-ardic03We worked on globally new and innovative technologies. We execute these separate studies to build a completing, competent services platform. In 5 years, along with 6 national projects, 4 international projects are labeled and granted.
The best outcome is the competence and confidence we build within; we did many things good, we keep trying for the best.


urunler-ardic01This is a solution that enables the end user to transform his mobile device into desirable use case modes with a single click. You can decide which applications how and when to run. Modiverse can also be experienced in an enterprise solution for any number of devices.
Come and see our demo, and experience the transformation yourself.


urunler-ardic05Machine to Machine (M2M) is another technology area that ARDIC has focused on for a long period of time.

We have been carrying out various R&D projects on this area.

For detailed information about our M2M solutions, please contact us!


What people are saying...

  • We had an opportunity to work with ARDIC on the customized education tablet project. The project required the customization of the device operating system based on the educational needs, development of class management and device management solution systems. ARDIC and Sebit worked like a single team during such a complex project and the engineering contribution of ARDIC has been great. After the delivery of the solution, the customer support operations have been executed successfully, thanks to ARDIC’s customer satisfaction focus and solution oriented approach. I would like to thank ARDIC team once again as they worked together in the amateur spirit, but produced a professional job.

    İlker Helvacı

    SEBİT, Turkey

  • ARDIC is a strong preferred partner for end to end solutions. ARDIC team adds value in all phases of the project; bringing the ideas together, planning the processes; building the solution and the products. ARDIC is agile, innovative and knowledgeable. They stay focused to achieve outcomes and deliver results within expected timelines. It’s fascinating to work together with ARDIC; we share the strong enthusiasm and motivation on bringing together brand new high tech products to life.

    Uygar Doyuran

    Intel, Türkiye

  • I have just seen your World's Biggest Tablet video and I am simply blown away. It is very clever! I love the fact that it can be driven by the 65inch screen and not mirrored. Very clever.

    Richard Hanson Manful

    From England

  • Congrats for the Android based Touch Screen solution being cracked and successfully tested. I'm from Malaysia and were looking forward to cracking such a solution but as in technology world sometimes someone from another part of the world gets to do it faster.


    Vision Reality Tech Studio, Malaysia

  • We like your solution - the Biggest android Tablet. It is really great!!

    Sergei Tereshchenko

    TouchMe, Ukraine

  • I saw a video of the 65” Android Tablet that you guys created – WELL DONE! I have been searching the globe for such a device and have had little luck. There are of course large touchscreens that have drivers for Linux and Windows but Android seems a little more elusive.

    Roger Ordman

    Rend Bend Software, USA

  • I stumbled upon your 65" tablet video on youtube - very fascinating!

    Krystyna Lijek

    Reach Anyone, USA

  • It is super to see an Istanbul based high-tech company in a respectable web site such as Engadget, and the 65” Android is very beautiful!

    Mete Evrenol

    Microsoft, Turkey

  • Congratulations on the news on Engedget.

    Koray Dayoğlu

    Herko, Turkey

  • I ran across your company while surfing the net . I think that you are on a great trac to change the way we live and use computers in our everyday life . keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more from this company . I’ve been in sales my whole life and I see your company changing the computer world that we live in . if you market what you have done in the right way their will be no stoping your company from going global.

    James P. Peters

    Crowncars, ABD

  • We hope Ministry of Education will use domestic software on the tablets they’ll provide.

    Dr. Hüseyin Toros

    İTÜ Meteorology, Turkey

  • I am proud of you in the name of my country showing the whole world that 1080p print can be received from Android tablet. I wish you all the best.

    End. Yük. Müh. Ali Çakmak

    From Turkey

  • … It’s a pleasure to see the companies who really up to doing something. I sincerely wish ARDIC will organize this kind of competitions in the name of all participants. It serves both to the companies will reach reputation with small costs and support real thinkers and creators of the nation. Thank you ARDIC : ) Continue reading…

    Ayhan Çelik

    ARNOS Desktop Design Competition Winner


FATIH Project for Education-Pilot Implementation

sebitCustomer: TC Ministry of National Education Solution Partners: SEBİT and ARDIC

Requirements: Provide a flexible end-to-end education services platform which will enable classroom eco-system that includes teacher tablets, student tablets and smart board; to be able to manage and control all the tablets remotely; to manage…

Electronic Enquiry Project

emnCustomer: TC Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration Solution Partners: EMN and ARDIC

Requirements: Provide information in the nature of a preliminary assessment for tax-related administrative operations, conduct online certain administrative procedures via smart mobile devices (tablets) in the workplace directly or in the place…









After experiencing international living and working, we settled down in Istanbul in 2008. We continue to do what we know best and our company, ARDIC, was born as a software lab for those who love working on new technologies.

Hoping you’ll enjoy, please share your views to make us better…

Please click here to view our corporate brochure.

ARDIC Technoloy General Manager, Hülya Karaerkek Kahveci is giving information about the company’s contribution to mobile technologies…

Çözüm üreten bir dünya devi: ARDIC Teknoloji

Çözüm üreten bir dünya devi: ARDIC TeknolojiARDIC, gerçekleştirilebilir ileri teknoloji hedeflerini günlük hayatla bütünleştiriyor. ARDIC Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Tunç Kahveci, Ar-Ge odaklı üretilen ürünlere, özellikle ABD ülkelerinden büyük talep geldiğini bildirdi. Kahveci; “İhracat oranımız yüzde 59’u buldu” dedi.


“Android üzerinde sistem seviyesinde yaptıkları değişiklikle dev bir dokunmatik ekranı Android tablete dönüştüren bir çözümü geliştirdiklerini söyleyen ARDIC Pazarlama Müdürü Mine Tezer, mobil cihazlar için bulut destekli çözümler üretmeye devam ettiklerini belirtti.”


ARDIC, dünyada da tanınan bİr Türk teknolojİ şİrketİ olma hedefİyle Ar-Ge yolculuğuna...

ARDIC, kurulduğu 2008 yılında Türkiye’nin ilk Linux tabanlı gömülü işletim sistemi ARNUX’u geliştirerek başladığı Ar-Ge yolculuğuna hız kesmeden devam ediyor.


ARDIC, SKY TÜRK İş ve Yaşam Programında

skyturk_roportaj ARDIC Teknoloji, 10 Eylül 2011 Cumartesi günü Sky Türk “İş ve Yaşam” Programındaydı.




Hedef küreselde de tanınan bİr Ar-Ge şİrketİ olmak

bthaber_argeVaroluş amacımız, geleceğin iş ve yaşam gereksinimlerinden yola çıkan teknolojik yenilik ve buluşları, uygulama alanı olan çözümler halinde hayata geçirmek” diyen Ardıc Genel Müdürü Hülya Karaerkek, bu amaç doğrultusunda hareket ederek gelecek yıllarda küresel çapta bilinen bir Türk Ar-Ge şirketi olmak istediklerini ifade etti.

GOSS Çalıştayı, Antalya'da tamamlandı

denizhaber2Gemiadamları Çevrimiçi Sınav Sistemi Soru Bankasının geliştirilmesi çalıştayı Antalya’da tamamlandı.


press_bthaber1103Android tabanlı işletim sistemlerinde güvenlik hayal değil. İlk kurulduğu andan itibaren internete bağlanabilen mobil cihazlarla bunlara hizmet veren bulut tabanlı çözümlere odaklanan ARDIC Android tabanlı işletim sistemi üzerinde…


Bulutların üzerİnde çalışırken ne kadar güvendeyİz?

bthaber_cloudAndroid tabanlı işletim sistemlerinde güvenlik hayal değil. İlk kurulduğu andan itibaren internete bağlanabilen mobil cihazlarla bunlara hizmet veren bulut tabanlı çözümlere odaklanan ARDIC Android tabanlı işletim sistemi üzerinde…

Güvenlİ mobİl İşletİm sİstemİ

bthaber_compexAndroid tabanlı işletim sistemlerinde güvenlik hayal değil. İlk kurulduğu andan itibaren internete bağlanabilen mobil cihazlarla bunlara hizmet veren bulut tabanlı çözümlere odaklanan Ardıç, Android tabanlı işletim sistemi üzerinde…

ARDIC 'Uygulamalarınızı Cebİnİzde Taşıyın'

tubitak_basin_thumbTÜBİTAK MAM Teknokent’te faaliyet göstermekte olan ARDIC, Linux tabanlı gömülü işletim sistemi ARNOS üzerinde çalışan mobil kişiselleştirilmiş internet hizmet ve uygulamalarına erişim platformu S.a.t.i.N USB…

Hülya Karaerkek; Bütün Hİzmet ve Ürün Portföyümüzü Mobİl İletİşİm Hİzmetlerİ...

turkinternet_thumbLinux Tabanlı gömülü işletim sistemi ARNOS’u geliştiren ARDIC’ın Genel Müdürü Hülya Karaerkek : “Bütün dünyada depolama aygıtlarının şişirip büyüttüğü iletişim cihazları, “cloud computing” ile küçülüp ucuzlayacak. WiFi, 3G ve gelecekte WiMax ile …

Uygulamalarınızı cebİnİzde taşıyın...

bthaberARDIC, Linux tabanlı gömülü işletim sistemi ARNOS üzerinde çalışan mobil kişiselleştirilmiş internet hizmet ve uygulamalarına erişim platformu S.a.t.i.N USB’yi piyasaya sundu. Yüksek güvenlik özellikleri sunan ürün, üzerinde çalıştığı bilgisayarın sabit diskini değil, kendi ‘standalone’ sistemini ullanıyor. Kendiliğinden ‘boot’ eden bir flash bellek üzerine…

Fıkraları değİştİrme zamanı..

telepatiflat_thumbMOBİSAD danışmanlığını sürdürdüğüm dönemde, birçok sektörel STK’nin katılımı ile e-devlet çalışmalarını değerlendirdiğimizi ve bu konuda yeni ayarlama, düzeltme ve düzenlemelere ihtiyaç duyulabileceğini konuştuğumuzu hatırlıyorum.


gemiadami3Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Basın ve Halkla İlişkiler Dairesi Müdürlüğü’nden yapılan açıklamaya göre, çalıştay Türkiye Denizcilik Müsteşarlığınca Gemi Adamları Sınav Sistemi’nin Online Sınavlara dönüştürülmesi sonrasında, soru bankalarında…


gemiadamiDeniz Ulaştırması Genel Müdürü Dr.Özkan POYRAZ, 2 Mart 2010 tarihinden itibaren tayfa sınavları dışında kalan tüm yeterliklerdeki Gemiadamları Sınavlarının Denizcilik Müsteşarlığının Bölge Müdürlüklerinde kurulmuş olan çevrim içi sınav merkezlerinde…

IpIc Innovations And ArdIc Form Development PartnershIp

ipic_ardicArdic, inc. To provide software development services for ipic innovations personal network computing eco-system…

PartnershIp Between IpIc InnovatIons And ArdIc

ipic_ardic2A formal agreement under which ARDIC will provide software development resources for the game-changing iPic personalized network computing ecosystem has been…


Tunç Kahveci

Tunç Kahveci

Founder & Chairman of Board

Tunc Kahveci is co-founder and Chairman of ARDIC Inc., a manageable secure mobile OS and cloud based secure and scalable service delivery platform company for IoT, smart mobile devices. He leads the company’s overall strategy and product direction. Kahveci also co-founded AddoPad Inc., a startup focused on delivering family tablet and services, It will soon be launched worldwide. Kahveci began his telecom career as a systems engineer at Bell Northern Research. From 1997 to 2007 he held executive roles in R&D and Business Development in the USA, Middle East and Greater China with Nortel. In 2007 he became CTO of Ambit Microsystems (Ubee Inc.), a Taiwan based company that makes broadband equipment, with 20 million installed devices globally. At Ambit, he helped define the pre-IPO, and long-term strategy, developed the product portfolio strategy, and managed C-level relationships with customers and partners. He also supported M&A activities. Kahveci holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and a Master of Science in computer engineering from North Carolina A&T State University. He also holds several technology patents.

Hülya Karaerkek Kahveci

Hülya Karaerkek Kahveci

Co-founder & CEO

As CEO of ARDIC Inc, Hulya is responsible for day-to-day operations, business development and recruiting. Previously she was a business development consultant in the telecom industry in China, advising leading global telecom companies. Before China, Hulya was a senior manager for Nortel-Netas, serving in a variety of business development and marketing leadership positions. From 1994 to 2001 she was a Sales Director at COMSAT, the satellite communication company and several local system integrator companies. Hulya holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University.    

Mehmet Aksayan

Mehmet Aksayan

Co-founder & COO

Mehmet is Co-founder and COO of ARDIC Inc. He is a serial entrepreneur, having founded two software and IT services companies: SPARK Inc. and PRIZMA. He currently serves on the board of PRIZMA. Prior to founding both companies, he was an IT manager at Turkish Airlines and several large Turkish banks. Mehmet holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Hacettepe University and a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Hacettepe University.


We are seeking motivated entrepreneurial minded individuals who are always looking for ways breaking status-quo as well as breaking new grounds in the area of true high-tech research and development. If you believe that you are good and can dare to embark yourself out of your limits and aim to be at the same league of the world-wide technologist then this is the position for you.


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