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Our solutions


Smart Taxi

Digital transformation of taxis by turning them into service platforms and data collecting end-points. Our solution provides a channel for advertisement and dispatch applications, while collecting city data that can be utilized by 3rd party providers.


IIoT (Industry 4.0)

ARDIC’s IIoT (Industry 4.0) solution is the industry’s first Android @EDGE platform with zero touch configuration. Deep neural network and complex event processing at both EDGE and CLOUD.


Managed Android Service Box

ARDIC Managed Android Service Box is a manageable and secure box that revolutionizes the way of offering conventional services such as digital signage, PC replacement, IoT edge gateway, IPTV set top box etc.


Fertilizer Tracking System

Control and management of handheld terminals used in a fertilizer tracking system is running on our MDM platform Modiverse. Most importantly for end-to-end security, we provide our own Android framework with additional API's in this project.


Distracted Driving Prevention

For services like distracted driving prevention solutions, IoT-Ignite platform can provide a specialized, scalable back-end while Modiverse can reinforce the services with additional device management functionalities.


Customized Mobile Devices

With our platform, your mobile devices can become completely different devices in home, office or any context you define. Create your own Android based smart phones and tablets by using our customized OS and private cloud.

Custom Projects

IoT Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Together we can develop solutions to make your business smarter.


Success stories


Intel and ARDIC

ARDIC IoT Ignite* and Vertical Application Stores

Examine this solution brief and see how Turkish technology provider ARDIC, runs its IoT Ignite service offering on Intel® IoT Gateways for superior end-to-end security, networking and interoperability. A vertical application store provides customers with access to apps and data on any device from any location, enabling flexible, user-friendly and, most importantly, rapidly deployable services for any market segment.

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ARDIC IoT Ignite* with Intel® IoT Gateways

Explore this solution brief and see how Turkish technology provider ARDIC runs its IoT Ignite service offering on Intel® IoT Gateways for superior end-to-end security, networking and interoperability and the Android OS for easy customization. The ARDIC IoT Ignite service enables fast IoT solution deployment for IoT service providers.

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Solution Brief: ARDIC IoT Ignite and Intel® IoT Gateways

Review this solution and brief and discover how Turkish technology provider, ARDIC ,runs its IoT Ignite service offering on Intel® IoT Gateways for superior end-to-end security, networking and interoperability. The ARDIC IoT Ignite service comes with a rich feature set enabling fast IoT solution deployment for IoT service providers.

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Intel AI Builders – ARDIC

ARDIC became an AI partner of Intel in 2018, within the scope of The Intel AI Builders Program.The Intel AI Builders program is an ecosystem of industry leading independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and enterprise end users who have a shared mission to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence across Intel platforms.

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Kale – Industrial IoT

ARDIC has implemented and deployed ARDIC's IIoT (Industrial IoT) solution with a very unique architecture in Kale Group’s ceramics manufacturing plant.Kale Group is Europe's 4rd and the world's 15th largest ceramics manufacturer.

In one of the selected plant of Kale, IoT-Ignite’s Edge Compute gateways with PilarOS has been deployed to collect data from various machines, environmental sensors and cameras which produce data during production. This data collected from several sources is processed at the edge and processed data at the edge is transmitted to the IoT-Ignite Cloud with LTE technology. IoT-Ignite Platform structure the data for 3rd party integrations like MES or analytics services.

Kale has full visibility of the field with online devices, data from each individual machine, sensor or camera and controls remotely the devices for updates or a new sensor/IoT service integration from Ignite cloud.

TC Ministry of Finance Revenue Adm. with EMN – Electronic Enquiry Tablet Project


Provide information in the nature of a preliminary assessment for tax-related administrative operations, conduct online certain administrative procedures via smart mobile devices (tablets) in the workplace directly or in the place of tax-related cases.

Solution Components:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 1 0 .1 Tablets, Android Jelly Bean (Provided by EMN)
  • ARDIC Modiverse Premium Management and Control Platform
  • ARDIC Mode Application (Client opp for the tablets to communicate with Modiverse Premium)

Critical Project Requirements:

  • Management of mobile devices remotely via mobile device management application,
  • Turkish GUI of the application to access through PC and notebook,
  • Online device configuration, error log reporting, reporting of battery info, memory info, network info, online/offline status, location info, application list, etc.
  • Remote lock and reboot of devices,
  • User profile definition and to be able to change device profiles,
  • Push application, silent installation, remove application remotely,
  • Role-based administration and access,
  • Load Balancing and High Availability of the solution platform,
  • Device inventory tracking,
  • Built-in application blockage, network connection deactivation and activation remotely,
  • PIN control and wi-fi access control,
  • Remote lock of rooted devices,
  • Remote installation and update of security certifications,
  • Scheduling of group-based remote transactions, opp installation and removals,
  • Enterprise opp store and content store (server based and client
  • based), user con download apps or contents from stores on the tablet,
  • Defining authorization areas of admin users,
  • Remote deactivation of the device in case of lost/stolen,

Solution Details:

ARDIC Modiverse Premium Mobile Device Management and Control Services Platform is implemented on Samsung Galaxy Note 1 0.1 tablets in this project as the software solution which meets the above mentioned requirments. All the tablets are provided and supported by EMN Technology. The implemented Modiverse Premium solution contains Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), user profile identification, device use case policy definitions. Because of the security requirements, on-site deployment model is executed . In this way, the corporate data created by the transactions will be saved on the local servers.

Added Value of The Implemented Solution

  • Data Security (On-Premise Deployment)
  • Secure Messaging (via VPN connection)
  • Easy to Use

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with CASPER – Education Tablet


Under the approval of Ministry of Education (MoE), Kocaeli Municipality have been carried out a grant programme of 27.109 education tablets. Casper won the tender and provided the tablets devices with ARDIC Modiverse solution bundle to Kocaeli Municipality. Main requirements can be summerized as providing secured and flexible education tablet solution set to schools and to be able to control remotely devices if necessary via mobile services platform.

Solution Components:

  • Casper VIA T41 Android Tablets with Intel Baytrail processor (27.109 tablets)
  • ARDIC ArCloud IoT Platform
  • ARDIC Modiverse Mobile Services Package Solution
  • ARDIC KuuKla Parental Control Application
  • ARDIC Modiverse-Mode application (Client app for the tablets to communicate with cloud platform)

Critical Project Requirements

  • Anti-theft solution: Remote lock and location detection functions, remote deactivation of the device in case of lost/stolen Device activation solution
  • Parental control software
  • Management of mobile devices remotely if requested via mobile device management application
  • Turkish GUI of application to access through PC and notebook via web browser
  • Device inventory tracking

Solution Details and Added Value of Implemented Solutions:

In this project, Casper and ARDIC provided an education sector tablet solution to meet the tender requirements. ARDIC Modiverse Package GUI has been customized to enable Casper Support Center users to manage only the requirements above. All these tablets have been distributed to end users of 289 schools in 12 districts and been used in the classes and at home successfully.

Added Value of the Implemented Solutions

  • Ready-to-use teacher/student tablets (all settings and updates are managed remotely)
  • Customized Admin Panel GUI, which provides only the requested functionalities

Demwatch – Patience Tracking System


To assist people with slight and moderate memory disorders by creating assistive indoor and outdoor technology that supports everyday life and boosts independent living and inclusion.

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TC Ministry of Education with SEBIT – FATIH Project for Education – Pilot Implementation


Under the approval of Ministry of Education (MoE), Turk Telekom have been carried a grant program of 5.000 education tablets in coordination with SEBIT for FATIH project. Main requirements con be summarized as providing a flexible end-to-end education services platform which will enable classroom eco-system that includes teacher tablets, student tablets and smart board; being able to manage and control all the tablets remotely; managing the classroom sessions and control student tablets and smart board via teacher tablet; being able to use the tablets with different use case scenarios outside the school.

Solution Components:

INTEL SoC (System on Chip) and Android ICS based tablets, designed specifically for the project, Customized Education Tablet Operating System to execute project specific use case scenarios easily, Teacher and Student Tablet Solutions customized on the basis of different user profiles, Smart Board Classroom Management Application, Cloud Services Platform for Education Tablets developed on ARCLOUD ©

Critical Project Requirements:

A. Education Tablet Operating System:

  1. Different use case scenarios for school, classroom and home
  2. SSO (Single Sign On) for Vitamin and z-Book applications
  3. General desktop components
  4. User profile-specific Settings screen
  5. Customized Applications screen
  6. Partial or full OS upgrade (Over The Air)

B. School Administration Functions:

  1. Defining of city, school, class relations provided by MoE Services for the teacher and student tablets
  2. Provisioning of the teacher and student tablets
  3. Inventory management
  4. Activation of the tablets

C. Class Learning Management Functions

  1. Restriction of Setting
  2. Restriction of app installations other than the ones allowed by MoE
  3. Soot and change of date
  4. User profile based restrictions of applications for access to internet

D. Session Management Solution for Teachers:

  1. Session start/terminate
  2. Attendance check
  3. Tablet hardware functions management of student tablets (Camera on/off, touchscreen lock/unlock, etc)
  4. Control of application use in the class and after school
  5. Redirection of student tablets to a certain web site
  6. Remote control of smart board via teacher tablet
  7. Use of smart board during the session, smart board screen display function on student tablets
  8. Screen display of teacher/student tablets on the smart board
  9. Screen display of student tablets on the teacher tablet
  10. Lock of student tablets (Single or multi)
  11. Allowing any student tablet to manage smart board remotely
  12. Voting
  13. Send messages to student tablets (single or multi)

E. Session Management Solution for Students:

  1. Join the session and apply the classroom use case scenario
  2. Manage the smart board remotely
  3. Participate in voting
  4. View the message content sent by the teacher

F. Built-in Applications – SEBiT Apps:

  1. Controllable and manageable applications by tablet OS
  2. Controllable and manageable applications by cloud services platform

G. Built-in Applications- 3rd Party:

  1. Run only 3rd party applications chosen by SEBIT
  2. Allow only the installation of signed 3rd party apps

H. Cloud Services Platform for Education Tablets:

  1. App Installation I App Removal
  2. Lock lost or stolen tablets
  3. Lock student tablets if they have not been used for a period of time at the school
  4. User allocation of tablets
  5. Log collection
  6. Online/ offline status info of the tablets
  7. Tablet inventory reports
  8. Lock/Unlock tablets remotely
  9. Send messages to the tablets
  10. Wipe tablets
  11. Application based statistics

Solution Details and Added Value of The Implemented Solution: Classroom WiFi that provides connectivity to Cloud

In this project, an education sector specific end-to-end tablet solution has been developed to meet the above-mentioned critical project needs. SEBIT provided the project requirements and related designs, and ARDIC developed the related functions that satisfy these requirements through its own solution platforms.

As a result, tablets are diversified as student and teacher tablets based on the user profiles. Applications on the tablets can be managed, upgraded and supported efficiently via cloud services platform. Besides, tablets can be used with different scenarios in the different environments such as at school, in the classroom or at home. All these scenarios were designed by taking into account education sector needs and user profiles.

Today these tablets have been distributed to end users of 8 schools in 4 cities (istanbul, Ankara, Kastamonu and Karaman) and been used in the classes successfully. They are managed and controlled via Education Tablet Cloud Services Platform and field support services are given currently.

R&D Projects

Innovation is in ARDIC's genes. Aside from the commercial services and products, ARDIC has collected numerous grants from national and international R&D projects. Since 2008, 17 projects have been completed. Here are some of those:

Prose 2020. Development of IoT based interactive location services infrastructure.

eWatch 2020. Perpetual data tracking wearable, secure health monitoring system.

Project 2019. Integrated energy management platform that collects and analyzes energy data in buildings, manages building systems remotely and includes sensor, trigger, IoT gateway and decision support mechanism.

Project 2017. Development of cloud platform architecture with industry-level security.

CEP 2015. Development of general-purpose, autonomous, dynamically programmable and remotely-manageable near real time complex event processing on device or cloud system.

SIGMONA 2015. Software Defined Network Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architectures.

Secure Android 2015. Addition of necessary platform for Android to make Android devices more secure, manageable and controllable and enabling applications to use them securely.

IoT 2014. Management of sensor network on IoT cloud platform through user-focused services.

Project 2012. Wireless transfer of tablet display on touch panel and touch panel interaction on tablet display near real time.

Project 2011. Cloud-based mobile gateway and client applications for large scale management systems.

OTA DM 2011. Open source over the air device management and control.

Project 2010. Open source embedded operating system platform and model practice on WiMax modem.

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