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ArKOS: ARDICTECH Tile Tracking System for Enhanced Efficiency and Quality Control in Tile Production

At ARDIC, we understand the importance of efficient tile production and ensuring the highest quality standards. That's why we are proud to present ArKOS, our advanced Tile Tracking System designed specifically for the tile manufacturing industry. With ArKOS, you can track and trace tiles throughout the production line, ensuring seamless operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced quality control.


What is ArKOS?

ArKOS, the ARDIC Tile Tracking System, is a powerful software solution that enables comprehensive tracking and traceability of tiles from the moment they are marked with QR codes to their final destination. By utilizing state-of-the-art camera-based tracking technology, ArKOS captures real-time data, allowing you to monitor tile movements, detect any anomalies, and maintain precise control over the production process.

Key Features and Benefits

ArKOS -  QR Code Marking
ArKOS - Camera-Based Tracking
ArKOS - Seamless Integration
ArKOS - Real-time Monitoring and Analytics
ArKOS - Quality Control and Traceability
ArKOS - Efficiency and Productivity Gains
ArKOS, the ARDICTECH Tile Tracking System, revolutionizes tile production by providing comprehensive tracking, traceability, and quality control capabilities. With its QR code marking, camera-based tracking, and real-time monitoring features, ArKOS ensures seamless operations, enhanced efficiency, and consistent product quality. Choose ArKOS to elevate your tile manufacturing processes and deliver exceptional products to your customers.

The working structure of ArKOS

ArKOS - QR Code Marking

QR Code Marking

Each tile is marked with a unique QR code using QR printers.
The QR code contains important information such as batch numbers, production dates, and tile specifications.

Camera-Based Tracking

Cameras are strategically placed along the production line.
As tiles move through the line, the cameras capture the QR codes on the tiles in real time.

Data Capture and Processing

The captured data from the cameras is processed by the ArKOS software.
The system extracts relevant information from the QR codes, such as batch numbers, production dates, and tile specifications.

Real-time Monitoring and Analytics

ArKOS provides real-time monitoring and analytics of the tile production process.
It collects and analyzes data on production volumes, cycle times, and quality metrics.

Quality Control and Traceability

ArKOS enables stringent quality control and traceability throughout the production process. The system continuously monitors the QR codes and associated data to ensure that each tile meets quality standards.