With Modiverse, your mobil devices can become completely different devices in home, office or personal use

Modiverse is a service that allows you to transform your mobile devices to the most appropriate “User Experinence Mode” for your needs: Applications used in the devices, permissions and settings are quickly and reliably adjusted to the Mode you select.

Modiverse consists of Modiverse app on mobile devices and a web based control interface.Through this interface, the system administrator can define the features and permissions of the working mode, send them to the devices, trace the devices on the map, interact with the devices one by one or in groups,or with all of them. Device users cannot do any changes in the devices and cannot undo the defined features.

Mode Isolation

Depending on the company’s needs, it is possible for more than one “Mode” to run on the same device. That way, the same device becomes different individual devices, as many as the number of the “Mode”s installed. Applications to run on the device and the device’s general and safety settings can be set easily according to the need. It is possible to choose a Mode to run on a selected time or to define different applications for different “Mode”s.

Silent Setup

Service updates are installed automatically without the need for user-permission.
The only requirement for the automatic updates is for the device to be online.

App Isolation

You can transform your mobile device to only have one single application running.
That way, when the user turns on the device s/he can work with that application. The application cannot be stopped by the user and it will continue to work even after restarting. The application’s setting can be set by a system administrator to obtain a device with the desired parameters.


You can reset your device any time through the control panel.
Your devices are transformed according to your use scenarios and needs.

Remote Management

With Modiverse devices can be followed instantly and remote interaction is made possible.
Our user-friendly remote control panel allows you to lock your device, send it messages, set its alarm, track its location or even, restart the device, change its “Mode” and reset to factory settings.

Event Based Controlling

You can set different Modes to run on your devices depending on the time, location, network and SIM card settings.

You can send remote commands to your devices and choose when those commands will be activated.

Push Content/Apps

You can send applications and content to your devices directly, without user-permission.
With the remote control panel you can easily send applications and content to your devices and install them without needing user-permission.