Device Management Pilot Implementation in Education Sector


Main requirements con be summarized as providing a flexible end-to-end education services platform which will enable classroom eco-system that includes teacher tablets, student tablets and smart board; being able to manage and control all the tablets remotely; managing the classroom sessions and control student tablets and smart board via teacher tablet; being able to use the tablets with different use case scenarios outside the school.

Solution Components:

INTEL SoC (System on Chip) and Android ICS based tablets, designed specifically for the project, Customized Education Tablet Operating System to execute project specific use case scenarios easily, Teacher and Student Tablet Solutions customized on the basis of different user profiles, Smart Board Classroom Management Application, Cloud Services Platform for Education Tablets developed on ARCLOUD ©

Critical Project Requirements:

A. Education Tablet Operating System:
1. Different use case scenarios for school, classroom and home
2. SSO (Single Sign On) for Vitamin and z-Book applications
3. General desktop components
4. User profile-specific Settings screen
5. Customized Applications screen
6. Partial or full OS upgrade (Over The Air)

B. School Administration Functions:
1. Defining of city, school, class relations provided by MoE Services for the teacher and student tablets
2. Provisioning of the teacher and student tablets
3. Inventory management
4. Activation of the tablets

C. Class Learning Management Functions
1. Restriction of Setting
2. Restriction of app installations other than the ones allowed by MoE
3. Soot and change of date
4. User profile based restrictions of applications for access to internet

D. Session Management Solution for Teachers:
1. Session start/terminate
2. Attendance check
3. Tablet hardware functions management of student tablets (Camera on/off, touchscreen lock/unlock, etc)
4. Control of application use in the class and after school
5. Redirection of student tablets to a certain web site
6. Remote control of smart board via teacher tablet
7. Use of smart board during the session, smart board screen display function on student tablets
8. Screen display of teacher/student tablets on the smart board
9. Screen display of student tablets on the teacher tablet
10. Lock of student tablets (Single or multi)
11. Allowing any student tablet to manage smart board remotely
12. Voting
13. Send messages to student tablets (single or multi)

E. Session Management Solution for Students:
1. Join the session and apply the classroom use case scenario
2. Manage the smart board remotely
3. Participate in voting
4. View the message content sent by the teacher

F. Built-in Applications – SEBiT Apps:

1. Controllable and manageable applications by tablet OS
2. Controllable and manageable applications by cloud services platform

G. Built-in Applications- 3rd Party:
1. Run only 3rd party applications chosen by SEBIT
2. Allow only the installation of signed 3rd party apps

H. Cloud Services Platform for Education Tablets:
1. App Installation I App Removal
2. Lock lost or stolen tablets
3. Lock student tablets if they have not been used for a period of time at the school
4. User allocation of tablets
5. Log collection
6. Online/ offline status info of the tablets
7. Tablet inventory reports
8. Lock/Unlock tablets remotely
9. Send messages to the tablets
10. Wipe tablets
11. Application based statistics

Solution Details and Added Value of The Implemented Solution: Classroom WiFi that provides connectivity to Cloud

In this project, an education sector specific end-to-end tablet solution has been developed to meet the above-mentioned critical project needs. ARDICTECH developed the related functions that satisfy these requirements through its own solution platforms.

As a result, tablets are diversified as student and teacher tablets based on the user profiles. Applications on the tablets can be managed, upgraded and supported efficiently via cloud services platform. Besides, tablets can be used with different scenarios in the different environments such as at school, in the classroom or at home. All these scenarios were designed by taking into account education sector needs and user profiles.

Today these tablets have been distributed to end users of 8 schools in 4 cities (istanbul, Ankara, Kastamonu and Karaman) and been used in the classes successfully. They are managed and controlled via Education Tablet Cloud Services Platform and field support services are given currently.

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