Electronic Enquiry Tablet Project


Provide information in the nature of a preliminary assessment for tax-related administrative operations, conduct online certain administrative procedures via smart mobile devices (tablets) in the workplace directly or in the place of tax-related cases.

Solution Components:

• Samsung Galaxy Note 1 0 .1 Tablets, Android Jelly Bean (Provided by EMN)
• ARDICTECH Modiverse Premium Management and Control Platform
• ARDICTECH Mode Application (Client opp for the tablets to communicate with Modiverse Premium)

Critical Project Requirements:

• Management of mobile devices remotely via mobile device management application,
• Online device configuration, error log reporting, reporting of battery info, memory info, network info, online/offline status, location info, application list, etc.
• Remote lock and reboot of devices,
• User profile definition and to be able to change device profiles,
• Push application, silent installation, remove application remotely,
• Role-based administration and access,
• Load Balancing and High Availability of the solution platform,
• Device inventory tracking,
• Built-in application blockage, network connection deactivation and activation remotely,
• PIN control and wi-fi access control,
• Remote lock of rooted devices,
• Remote installation and update of security certifications,
• Scheduling of group-based remote transactions, opp installation and removals,
• Enterprise opp store and content store (server based and client based), user con download apps or contents from stores on the tablet,
• Defining authorization areas of admin users,
• Remote deactivation of the device in case of lost/stolen

Solution Details:

ARDICTECH Modiverse Premium Mobile Device Management and Control Services Platform is implemented on Samsung Galaxy Note 1 0.1 tablets in this project as the software solution which meets the above mentioned requirments. All the tablets are provided and supported by EMN Technology. The implemented Modiverse Premium solution contains Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), user profile identification, device use case policy definitions. Because of the security requirements, on-site deployment model is executed . In this way, the corporate data created by the transactions will be saved on the local servers.

Added Value of The Implemented Solution

• Data Security (On-Premise Deployment)
• Secure Messaging (via VPN connection)
• Easy to Use

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